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Amina Abaya

Amina Abaya

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Amina Abaya is a perfect blend of sophistication and style. Try the fabric yourself, and elevate your wardrobe instantly! 

Comes with a full sized hijab, a belt and pocket!


  • Breathe Easy: Our innovative design prioritizes breathability, ensuring you stay comfortable all day long, even in warmer weather.
  • Flowy and Flawless: Experience the freedom of movement with our exquisite, flowy silhouette that gracefully drapes around you, exuding an aura of sheer elegance.
  • Non See-Through Magic: Your confidence is our top priority. Our 125-140 GSM fabric guarantees complete opacity, allowing you to move with grace and confidence, without the fear of revealing more than you intend.
  • Unmatched Quality, Unbelievable Price: We believe in providing you with the finest without breaking the bank.
  • Modest Fit for All: Our loose, modest-fitting sizes ensure that you're always comfortably chic. This Abaya is designed to provide maximum coverage without compromising on style.
  • Opaque Opulence: The Abaya's fabric is a testament to its premium quality, enveloping you in opulence and ensuring that you're never in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.
  • Everyday Opulence: Perfect for everyday use, this Abaya is the epitome of modesty and style, ensuring you always look and feel your best.
  • A Hint of Sheen: The Abaya boasts a subtle sheen effect that comes to life under the light, giving you that extra touch of glam without being over-the-top.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to redefine your modest fashion!

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